It's clear that Azriel Clary is adjusting to a different pattern of life now that she's reunited with her family. The 21-year-old "ex-girlfriend" of R. Kelly has split from Kelly's other's partner Joycelyn Savage and the recent vicious physical altercation between the two women is an indication that they're no longer friends. There have been plenty of rumors about what's to come for Azriel in the future, as reports have stated that she's interested in working on her music career and helping women are victims of violence.

Nuccio DiNuzzo / Stringer / Getty Images

Azriel recently sat down for her first interview where she accused Kelly of physical abuse and nefarious practices, and according to her, it's only the beginning of her story. "They say the truth will set you free. So shoot. Ask me anything," Azriel wrote on Twitter recently. "Whatever you want to know. The good, the bad and the ugly. Go. I may not answer it now, but with time every question will be answered."

A fan was quick to respond. "Are you willing to cooperate with investigators and possibly testify at trial against R Kelly if called on?" Azriel replied that she doesn't have an issue with helping the prosecutors build a case against Kelly, but she strangely places her participation in the hands of his fans. "That depends on his fans, but one things for sure, they walking on thin ice," Azriel stated. "They’re definitely not about to disrespect me, my family, and 'attempt' to punch lies into my story because I choose to share with the world what I’ve endured. 🦋"

Meanwhile, Joycelyn reportedly continues to stand in Kelly's corner. She still has no contact with her parents and she verbalized in her fight video with Azriel that she finds her former friend's behaviors to be disrespectful to the disgracedd music icon.