The 90s were a wild time in hip-hop. There are so many stories that have been untold for years but thankfully, many of the legends who are still around have given fans a bit of insight on what was going down behind-the-scenes during that era. B-Real recently sat down with VladTV where he recalled a time in the 90s where he was rolling around with Ice Cube at the height of the NWA beef.

While the story of Ice Cube and NWA's feud have been told on numerous occasions, B-Real revealed a time when he was hanging around Ice Cube when they ran into Eazy-E. B-Real described himself as Ice Cube's "armed security" whenever they'd hang out around that time. "I was like a cowboy back then... I had a strap on me everywhere. Cube knew that," B-Real said. "It was real in the field for me."

B-Real said that he'd hang out with Ice Cube who wouldn't be surrounded with security. However, B-Real, strapped with a bulletproof vest and a firearm, took on the duty. And if anyone were to step to Cube, B-Real was willing to handle things. That is until they ran into Eazy-E.

"I went over to Priority with him. He was introducing me to some of the staff at Priority," he recalled. "I'm just hanging out with him, right? We go down to the parking garage and as we're rolling to his car, Eazy's rolling up. And I notice him right away. I'm like, 'Oh shit.' I'm thinking it's about to pop off."

Revealing that Eazy-E was by himself at the time, B-Real expected that the two were going to duke it out for a "fair one." "I wasn't about to jump in that," B-Real said. "That's between them. If anything, I'll break it the fuck up. But realistically, I thought the fair one was about to happen. They handled their shit like gentlemen. They said wassup to each other. Shook each other's hand. That fast. That quick.

Peep the full clip below.