Though weed culture has become a ubiquitous staple in hip-hop culture, to the point where pretty much every rapper in the game has mentioned marijuana at least once, Cypress Hill was on that wave long before it became the norm. B-Real has since become an integral player in the cannabis industry, and the legendary rapper recently sat down with Variety to discuss the current state of the world, how coronavirus has impacted the game, and of course -- 4/20.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Fresh off the release of his new album Los Meros, a collaborative effort with his fellow stoner Berner, B-Real broke down how things have changed without the possibility of hitting the stage on tour. As he tells it, 2020 will likely be a write-off for musicians, though alternate possibilities do still exist in the digital space. "There may not be a traditional live show for this year to make sure that we burn the virus off as much as possible," he muses. "Who knows? It could turn around. [Right now] it’s the live streams time to shine."

He also takes a moment to address some of those worried that smoking marijuana might lead to further coronavirus complications. "I’m smoking," he admits. "I keep active with my workout regimen. People have to be active. You can’t just sit around doing nothing. I think that’s going to affect more people who are buying cannabis and concentrates on the black market. All that shit is untested...I think people who are in good health and keep active and don’t have respiratory issues will be fine."

For more from B-Real, be sure to check out the full interview over at Variety. In the meantime, check out his brand new album Los Meros right here