B2K pulled up to The Real to discuss their upcoming tour. They detailed what fans can expect to witness during the Millenium Tour and shared some stories about their career trajectory. Destiny's Child was brought into the mix when the hosts ask the group to dish about their first tour overseas. Each member shared their favorite memories made as they accompanied the ladies for a string of European dates.

J Boog was first up citing "the work ethic" as the highlight of his experience. He was impressed by "the level of focus those girls, those women, brought to the stage." Lil Fiz brought up how Beyonce had taken them to dine out at Nobu and Raz B recalled Beyonce bringing him out and prompting the crowd to sing for him on his birthday. 

Omarion's memories were slightly vague. "Well, it was our first time overseas and I remember Boog being asleep in the back and me playing around," he joked. "It was really fun. I love to travel and that was a super dope experience. Shout out to Solange too."

He then revealed that B2K was hoping 3LW would join them for their forthcoming tour since both groups had come up during the same era. Peep the clip below.