Pretty Ricky fans are happy to hear that Baby Blue Smith is recovering from his recent harrowing incident. The singer has recently made headlines over his legal troubles, but earlier this week, frightening news circulated stating that Blue was shot during an attempted robbery. Immediate reports stated that he in critical condition after allegedly protecting the person with him by grabbing the weapon in an effort to get it away from the assailant.

While Blue has offered an update to his condition on his Instagram page, his brother and Pretty Ricky groupmate Spectacular Smith shared a photo of a smiling Blue from the hospital room.

Pretty Ricky, Baby Blue, Shot, Spectacular
Scott Gries / Staff / Getty Images

"Just trying to keep him in good spirits," Spectacular wrote. "Doctor said he's healing fast. Thank you for all the text, calls, and prayers for my brother and family." Yesterday (April 22), Blue shared a similar message to his Instagram page.

"Thankyou everyone for your thoughts and prayers," wrote Blue. "I'm still in ICU but I'm on the road to recovery. The bullet traveled throgh my lounges is in stuck in my back. I have to learn to breathe & walk again. I have a great medical team here at the hospital. God Got Me." We wish him a speedy recovery. Check out the posts below.

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