On Sunday, a toddler in Madison, Wisconsin was sleeping soundly, when a stray bullet shot through her bedroom window and almost targeted the child. Luckily, the 3-year-old was protected by her "Baby Shark" stuffed animal, which was 5-10 inches above her head, her mother says, and blocked the bullet. Her mother, who was only identified as Tanice, said she felt "lucky but scared," and that "if the bullet would’ve came a couple more inches, it could’ve targeted her." According to the Madison police, said the 45 shell casings recovered from the scene of the gunfight outside the child's home “may very well be a record number of shell casings found after one incident of gun violence." The gunfight resulted in no deaths or injuries, and no arrests have been made, nor have police identified any suspects.

The mayor of Madison, Wisconsin, Satya Rhodes-Conway, said in a statement: “It is is the police department’s highest priority and we will continue to work with the police, community leaders and other criminal justice stakeholders to address gun violence in our community. Gun violence is not going to be tolerated in Madison. The people involved in this incident showed reckless disregard to human life, and we are fortunate no one was injured or killed. If anyone knows anything about this, it’s time to speak up.”