Last night, as we reported, two OG singers, Babyface and Teddy Riley, went head-to-head in a brand new Instagram Live battle. The battle almost didn't happen too, after it was plagued with technical difficulties, but eventually things got off the ground and the culture was all the better for it. The live session reportedly brought in 3 million eyes, and had Toni Braxton providing additional commentary on twitter, too.

Besides for going through their respective catalog of hits though, Babyface let some interesting news slip during the session. As the two played songs, they also shared some facts about each record. After Riley played one of his record that sampled Michael Jackson's "Human Nature," Babyface recalled that one time that Michael Jackson reportedly asked him to connect him to the actress Halle Berry.

babyface michael jackson halle berry date

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The 62-year old singer revealed, "One time Michael called me. Michael said, ‘Babyface!’ I said, ‘Yeah?’ He said, ‘Do you know who Halle Berry is? Do you know Halle Berry?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I know Halle Berry.’ He said, ‘Could you do me a favor? I want you to call her, ’cause I wanna take her out on a date.’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Call her — I wanna take her out on a date.’"

Babyface continued the story, "So I reached out through the agent, ’cause I didn’t have Halle Berry’s number. So I called and get the message to her manager, and he said, ‘What?’ [I said,] ‘Yeah, he wants to take her out on a date.’ And then I was waiting to hear back from Halle, and I can’t tell you exactly what Halle said, but I imagine it probably would have been something like this...", he trailed off, before sliding in an audio clip from Halle Berry's 1992 flick Boomerang, where she says: "You know, what do you know about love? What do you possibly think you know about love?"

Can you imagine? Halle Berry and MJ boo'd up?