Sony's Bad Boys For Life film has been attached to a projected 4-day opening tally of $40-$50M when it is set to arrive over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.  It follows suit on a host of similar action-comedy vehicles that arrived over the same holiday, including Kevin Hart and Ice Cube's Ride Along duo of films with the first opening with $48.6 million while its sequel arrived with a $41 million opening. The original film held the record for the American commemorative weekend until it was unseated by Clint Eastwood's American Sniper which rose to the occasion with $107.2 million. 

According to Deadline, Sony believes that it's the newest film, which cost $90 million to make, will be much closer to a $38 million opener.

For those following the trilogy of films, the third in the series will continue to follow the crime-fighting duo of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett, portrays respectively by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.  The first film originally arrived inn 1995 and arguably launched the A-list careers of both men with a worldwide grab of $141.4 million. The sequel arrived eight years later and nearly doubled up with a worldwide tally of $273.3 million.  All three films arrive via directors Adil & Bilall.