Baker Mayfield was dissed by the Cleveland Browns just a couple of months ago as they decided to sign Deshaun Watson to a massive contract. The Browns made it clear that Mayfield would no longer be the future of the franchise and that they are going in a different direction. Mayfield was understandably upset by this news and promptly demanded a trade.

So far, Mayfield has yet to be traded, and Deshaun Watson will likely be suspended by the NFL for at least one season. With that being said, there are now rumblings that Mayfield will have to play this season. When asked whether or not he would accept the challenge, Mayfield said he's done with Cleveland and that both sides need to move on now. 

Baker Mayfield

Jason Miller/Getty Images

"I think it's been pretty obvious the mutual decision on both sides is to move on," Mayfield said. "I'm thankful for my four years in Cleveland. There was a lot of ups and downs and a lot of learning experiences that I'll forever keep with me. Teammates and friends and relationships that I'll have for a lifetime... There's no resentment towards the city of Cleveland by any means."

With that being said, the Browns are in a terrible position heading into next season. They don't have a viable starter right now, and even if Watson is available, it will only be later in the season.

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