Saturday Night Live is a beloved show that's been on the air for years and is known for its comedy sketches that plays on a lot on current happenings. This past weekend the show did a sketch that focused on the Baltimore police department, featuring two police officers (Ego Nwodim and Leslie Jones) hitting on a guy (Seth Meyers) at a traffic stop. 

Although many viewers may have found the skit funny, the President of the Baltimore police union did not. 

“As you are most likely aware, the Baltimore Police department is currently a very beleaguered agency in the throes of massive amounts of criticism and disrespect,” Lt. Gene Ryan wrote to SNL’s Lorne Michaels. “Many of our members, especially our younger ones, are struggling with their choice of career and we are losing good and credible members daily. It is a difficult time in Baltimore and to portray our brave, hard-working members with such an inappropriate manner is very unfortunate.”

Gene also noted the disrespect in using the real police badges worn by Baltimore officers "who run to the sound of gunfire." The skit was not humours but rather “a sharp jab at a group of people who have dedicated their lives to serving others," he added. 

Watch the skit here and tell us what you think.