Within the last week, Bam Margera's life has taken a few twists and turns. The troubled star has struggled with his sobriety as well as emotional issues for years, but his recent outbursts have been a cause for concern. He made an unusual public plea to Dr. Phil asking the talk show host for help. Dr. Phil immediately delivered and reportedly met with the former Jackass star for three hours. 

At the end of the conversation, the pair agreed that Margera should complete a treatment program, however, it doesn't look like the television personality has kept up his end of the bargain. Instead, Margera visited Kat Von D's Los Angeles tattoo parlour and obtained new Dr. Phil-inspired ink. Just days later, TMZ reports that he was arrested.

According to the outlet, Margera was visiting the bar of L.A.'s fancy Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard when an altercation occurred. Margera reportedly was verbally harassing hotel patrons, sometimes telling them that he was hired by their spouses to catch them having affairs. He was asked to leave and refused, instead opting to argue with Luxe's staff before they placed him under citizen's arrest and called the police.

Once officers arrived, things didn't get any better. Margera allegedly sat in the middle of the hotel lobby and ignored an officer who did her best to get the reality star off the property without further incident. He didn't move a muscle, so she called for backup and he was arrested for trespassing. He has since been released.