Bam Margera is garnering support from across the internet after claiming that he was fired from Jackass 4 days after revealing that seeking treatment for his mental health. 

The 41-year-old actor was set to star in the upcoming Jackass film but producers have reportedly been keeping a close eye on him, ordering frequent urine and breathalyzer tests because of his past substance abuse and having him sign a contract where he committed to staying sober, taking his medication, and seeing a psychologist while working. According to a TMZ report, Bam breached his contract and was booted from the movie as a result.

The stuntman has been sharing videos about his dismissal from the project, saying, "It was like my family. They won't let me in because they say I'm out there being a jackass on TMZ. So I can't be in Jackass because I'm out there being a jackass? At this point I'm thinking, all press is good press is what I thought, which I guess obviously is not true. I thought unless you're a murderer or rapist then that's bad. Anything else is good."

He went on to say that Paramount was forcing him to take his medication, which was alluded to in the report, but he's currently off them. He says that he's been skating again and that the meds gave him "suicidal tendencies"

Bam Margera's firing has resulted in a boycott of the film by some Jackass fans. In a follow-up video, Bam says that he is "manic bipolar" and went "bonkers" during the Jackass 4 production, which led to him discovering his diagnosis.

It's unclear if Bam will be included in the film or if he will be edited out completely.