Dr. Phil must have made quite the impression on former Jackass star Bam Margera. Just last week, Margera shared a series of bizarre Instagram videos where he aired out his dirty laundry. The professional prankster told the world that he couldn't stand his mother or his wife, said that his friends were taking advantage of him, and begged Dr. Phil to help him mend his familial relationships because he didn't trust anyone else to take on the task. 

"Dr. Phil I need your help in a major way," he said at the time. "My family is in shambles and it's worse than it's ever been. Ever." Answering Bam's public plea, Dr. Phil reportedly met with the distraught television personality for three hours. At the conclusion of their conversation, they agreed that Margera should seek treatment at a 60 to 90-day rehabilitation program, however, it looks like Margera is out and about. 

He popped up at Kat Von D's tattoo parlour in Los Angeles and yesterday showed just how dedicated to Dr. Phil he truly is by inking himself with the talk show host's name. Margera shared an Instagram video of his new minimal artwork that reads the words "dr. Phil" with the Heartagram design. "I gotta pay my respects to Dr. Phil," he said while laying on a bench in the tattooist's work station. "I mean, I cried out on the interweb at 7:00 a.m. and that very morning his team was there in Austin, Texas to get me, first-class, to go to L.A. to get me some help so thanks to Kat Von D and High Voltage Tattoo." Margera also showed love to Kat by uploading a selfie he took with her.