Bam Margera rose to fame because he and his friends would complete crazy stunts that no one else would even think of, but the former Jackass star has been struggling ever since. Back in 2016, Bam and his family were featured on Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn as they attempted to work out their issues on national television. Bam's parents admitted that they enable his behaviors, many of which are quite destructive. The television personality admitted that after his good friend Ryan Dunn died in a car accident back in 2011, he's spent many of his days binge-drinking.

In a series of Instagram videos, Bam shared that his relationship with his family is at its breaking point. His messages are a sort of stream of consciousness as he candidly speaks about why he doesn't like a number of people in his life including his mother and his wife, Nicki. 

"Dr. Phil I need your help in a major way," he said. "My family is in shambles and it's worse than it's ever been. Ever. I've disowned my mom, I'll tell you why. Nicki, I can't stand. I can't her, I'll tell you why. Let's start with Phoenix Wolf. I have a 18-month son. He's the best. I love him to death and Nicki knows that. If we separate, I know she's gonna use him as bait and I ain't playing that f*cking game. Not gonna happen. And not to mention Nicki, she's stubborn. I printed five pages about stubborn and she's too stubborn to read stubborn.[laughs]That's what it is. She must have invented it. It would drive a person f*cking bonkers. So when people say 'Bam might be going crazy,' f*ckin' a, maybe they're right."

He aired his grievances with his mother by sharing with his followers that she's negative, interrupts people when they speak, and doesn't listen. Bam also said that he almost died the other day and his friend called Bam's mother to tell her the near-fatal news, and according to Bam, she didn't seem to care. There were also had a few things to say about Novak, who he claims he's been financially supporting for quite some time.

His friend Steve-O commented on one of his posts by writing, "There is zero mystery regarding what the solution to alcoholism and drug addiction is-- it's the simple things us sober people do. I know you think sobriety is 'boring', but I can assure you my life is not boring, and what you're are up to is not 'fun' (especially for those of us who actually care about you)."

Bam wants Dr. Phil's help because, according to him, he's seen 28 doctors and been to rehab four times. He doesn't believe that anyone other than the talk show host can help him, but no word yet on whether or not Dr. Phil has taken him up on his request. Watch the strange videos below.