Prior to the release of Jackass Forever, Bam Margera was reportedly making things difficult for his former close friends. The actor has been causing concern for his loved ones and fans for some time, and after reports of arrests and relapses surfaced, information about his removal from Jackass Forever followed. Margera has been an integral part of the Jackass family since its MTV inception 22 years ago, but his personal and mental struggles, along with addiction issues, have overshadowed Margera's successes. 

It was reported that Margera was fired from Jackass Forever for a variety of reasons, one being that he threatened the director and his family. Margera filed a wrongful termination lawsuit where he cited "inhumane, abusive and discriminatory treatment."

Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville
Francois Durand / Stringer / Getty Images

According to production, Margera signed a "Wellness Agreement" where he was to adhere to certain stipulations while filming. However, Margera later claimed that he was "coerced" into the decision and wasn't afforded enough time to look over the paperwork with his attorney.

Today (April 15), reports have surfaced stating Margera has dropped his lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville and Paramount Pictures after they all were able to come to some form of a settlement. The terms of that alleged agreement have not been shared publicly, nor has Knoxville or Margera offered any takes on the conclusion of her legal battle.