With the investigation surrounding the death of Bankroll Fresh closed, video footage has just now been released showing the moments leading to the rapper's untimely demise. His shooting death in 2016 was a tragic moment in hip-hop as Bankroll had shown serious promise and with his murder being ruled as an act of self-defense, now the public has access to the altercation that took place just before he was shot.

HipHopDX reported that an Atlanta news outlet, 11Alive, had posted a video that shows the moments directly before Bankroll's death. The two-minute clip is narrated, making everything that is going on in the images very clear. Helping to piece together exactly what happened, the video appears to have been taken from security cameras at the studio where the shooting took place. As seen in the tapes, rapper No Plug walked into the studio shortly after 10:30 PM and almost immediately after confronting Bankroll Fresh, the two began to physically fight. At the time, nobody was carrying a firearm. No Plug is seen leaving the studio and then driving back, being met with Bankroll Fresh pointing a gun at the car. 

According to the narrator, Bankroll fired the first shot and when walking back inside the studio, the glass door can be seen shattering as police believe this was the moment the rapper was shot in the hip. A few minutes later, Bankroll was carried out by his friends as they transported him to the hospital.

The video is difficult to watch but if you are searching for some closure, you can watch it below. RIP Bankroll Fresh.