Former President Barack Obama joined presidential candidate Joe Biden for a "Socially Distanced Conversation," where the two discussed Donald Trump, the coronavirus pandemic, and the protests for racial justice.

Obama, Biden, TrumpAlex Wong / Getty Images

The conversation kicked off with Obama relating the current economic crisis to that of 2008, when the two first took office. 

"We had to move fast. Not just in 100 days, but we had to move in the first month to get the Recovery Act passed. We're now in a situation where not only [do we have] an economic crisis but we have a public health crisis to boot," he says.

Biden responds by explaining "We've got to sustain and keep people from going under forever," the former Vice President said. "There's already 10,000 businesses that are not likely to open again, a significant number of them small businesses and minority businesses." He goes on to say the public health care system needs to be improved, an issue he's been tentative on in the past. 

The two move to discuss Trump's handling of the pandemic: "I don't think he has any sense of empathy," Biden says. "I don't think he can associate at all."

Check out the full dialogue below.