Former President Barack Obama will celebrate his 60th birthday this year, by throwing a larger-than-life party on the his 30-acre waterfront Martha’s Vineyard property according to sources of The Hill.

The lavish outdoor soiree is expected to be star-studded with famous friends of Michelle and Barack, not to mention, a performance from Pearl Jam for the "200 staff and 475 attendees." 

Those on the lengthy guest list were reportedly asked to take a COVID-19 test as part of their invite. Axios reported there will be a “COVID coordinator” on-site to ensure safety protocols are being followed.

While Obama will not be breaking any current COVID-19 regulations, critics are questioning the integrity of holding such a large gathering amidst ever-increasing reports of the Delta variant spreading throughout the country.

Many who did not agree with the move took to Twitter to share comments suggesting Obama is a hypocrite for having such a gathering. The public criticism of the 44th President turned the subject into a trending topic across twitte.

Those in defense of Obama noted that right wingers who are calling him out now, didn't have a problem when the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, pushing for regulations to reopen the state while cases were still rampant.

Obama’s team has yet to publicly comment on the reaction to his birthday soiree.

Check out some of the debate below.