President Barack Obama certainly has a complicated legacy when it comes to his role as President of the United States between 2008 and 2016. Given the current political climate, any former President is considered to be a polarizing figure, although, with President Obama, there is no denying that he was a cool guy. During his Presidency, Obama always expressed an interest in sports, specifically basketball where he proved to be quite proficient.

On Saturday, that proficiency was on full display as President Obama joined Joe Biden in Michigan where the former Vice President was looking to campaign prior to the election on Tuesday. In the clip below, Obama was in a gym with Biden and decided to get a three-pointer off. President Obama sunk the shot and as he walked away, proclaimed "that's what I do."

As one can imagine, the reactions to the shot were pretty intense as people took to social media to flood the President with responses to his shot. Some out there were extremely excited to see the President display his basketball abilities, while trolls came in and scolded the President for his past misdeeds in the White House.

President Obama probably couldn't care less about the responses, however, as his main goal right now is to help his former Vice President take control of the White House. Obama has been in strong opposition to President Donald Trump and has been hard at work to get voters on Biden's side.

You can see some of the reactions to Obama's shot, below.