It's well known that Steph Curry is probably one of if not the best shooters to ever play the game of basketball and it's also well known that former President Barack Obama is a huge fan of the game. While Obama is a big fan of the Chicago Bulls, he can certainly find an appreciation for some of the league's best teams and players. That was one full display when both spoke together at the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance in Oakland. While introducing Steph to the crowd, Obama had some jokes, including the claim that he is responsible for Curry's success, which includes four straight NBA Finals and three championships.

"Even Bulls fans have to acknowledge that it's been fun to watch the Warriors and the greatest shooter of all time -- because I gave him some tips right before, about 5 seasons ago, there's a film of this in the White House," Obama explained.

Curry joked that what Obama said was true and in the clip, they both continue to joke with each other. Both were ultimately at the conference to talk about helping the minority youth of America and that's exactly what they did.

The Warriors are ranked first in the Western Conference with a record of 41-16.