Former President Barack Obama's love for basketball is not a secret. The 44th President of the United States routinely played basketball during his two terms in the executive office. A short clip of him draining a silky jump shot while campaigning for now President Joe Biden went viral last fall. He appeared on the ESPN sports documentary The Last Dance to discuss Michael Jordan's legacy and impact on his hometown of Chicago. Now, he'll get to take part in official league matters after joining NBA Africa as a strategic partner.

In the video announcement about his new role as a strategic partner, Obama tells a heartfelt story about how much basketball has shaped his life and the lessons he has learned along the way, mentioning how he has met his closest friends on the court and strived to fit in a game whenever possible even when he was busy leading the nation. He cited the energy surrounding the game and the connections it can create around the world as his reasoning for joining NBA Africa, as he wishes to prioritize creating and investing in new opportunities for the young individuals in Africa through NBA Africa and his foundation.

"One of the things I’ve always loved about basketball is the fact that it brings people together and empowers young people everywhere. I’m proud to join the team at @NBA_Africa and look forward to seeing the change we can create across the continent," Obama tweeted regarding joining NBA Africa.

Obama has also mentioned taking an eye-opening trip with Toronto Raptors president of basketball Operations Masai Ujiri to Kenya in 2019 to visit the village where his father grew up, and help open a new basketball court for the community. Through discussions with Adam Silver and other NBA league executives, Obama will partner his foundation with the league to work on creating new opportunities that will benefit multiple countries throughout Africa. He said he is excited to see what the partnership will accomplish for Africa and the eventual difference it will make across the continent and in the world.

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