The Los Angeles Lakers are in a tailspin right now and it isn't pretty. The team has lost five games in a row and sit at a record of 30-36. They are 11th in the Western Conference and with only a handful of games left, there is no way they can make the playoffs, barring a miracle. Considering this is LeBron James' first season with the team, it's a pretty shocking and disappointing result. Some have started to question LeBron and his motivation for coming to L.A., saying he's more interested in business opportunities than basketball.

Former NBA player Baron Davis was asked by TMZ Sports about the Lakers situation and what he thought about it all. Davis had an interesting take, stating that Kobe Bryant would have been able to bring the Lakers to the playoffs this season. Although he made sure not to diss LeBron in the process.

"You can't just put all the blame on LeBron, I think the Lakers got disconnected from what they was trying to do," Davis said. "Of course Kobe could do it, it's f*cking Kobe Bryant."

Kobe has proven himself to be superhuman in the past but with all the issues the Lakers have had this season, it would have taken a lot more than Kobe to get them to the postseason.