Dave Portnoy is one of the largest voices in sports media as he is the founder and owner of Barstool Sports. The Barstool empire has grown quite a bit over the last decade and while many hate Portnoy for his antics, there is no denying that he is a big name in the sports world. Portnoy is most active on Twitter, where he can be seen interacting with fans and also clapping back on his haters.

On Friday, after telling a hater "Let me drop my nuts on your head," Portnoy was suspended from Twitter and it sparked outrage amongst Barstool fans. "#FreePortnoy" began to trend on Twitter and for a few hours, there seemed to be nothing but radio silence. Eventually, however, Twitter rescinded the suspension and Portnoy made his presence felt as he tweeted "I'm Back."

While speaking to Fox News, Portnoy said "The will of the people will be heard" and in the end, he was correct. Portnoy has gotten in hot water for his comments in the past, although a Twitter suspension seemed to be quite harsh considering he was just engaging in some trolling.

Regardless, Portnoy is back on Twitter now, much to the delight of Barstool fans everywhere. Whether or not he will be able to keep his nose clean, is another story.

Dave Portnoy

John Parra/Getty Images for Barstool Sports