A Bay Area woman is reportedly under arrest after having allegedly left xenophobic letters at the homes of people of color.

Xenophobia, Letters, Bay AreaJustin Sullivan / Getty Images

San Leandro resident Trinny Wynn posted photos of the letters on Facebook, Friday night.

"This happened today, a white woman wearing a USA beanie targeted People of color homes with this letter at their front doors," Wynn wrote. "This occurred in a quiet and well diverse middle-class community in San Leandro. My family’s house was also targeted.. We were able to capture all this on camera.

"There is no room for this hateful and despicable behavior in this society. If you recognize this woman, please report it to the police."

The note demands the recipients leave the country. "If you are a woman or man and was [sic] born in other [sic] country, return, go back to your land, immediatly [sic], fast, with urgency," the message begins.

Nancy Arechiga, 52, was arrested for the crimes Friday night.

"San Leandro is a community of beautifully diverse people, who share a common desire to live in harmony, and free from intimidation," the San Leandro Police department said in a statement. "We welcome people's rights to express themselves, but not in a manner that infringes upon a community's sense of security and wellbeing."