A shooting took place on the Bay Bridge in San Fransico Monday morning and police have now identified the victim as 31-year-old Darryl Stinnette Jr., or Li’l Pooh, who was a Dallas based promoter and rapper as well as a father of two. Darryl was in the city to promote a rapper he was touring with, and police suspect that his death may be connected to a shooting at a club the night before. 

According to the San Francisco Chroniclethe killer is still at large and police have yet to find out the motive for the attack. There were two others in the vehicle who suffered injuries. 

“He was a good person,” Stinnette’s father, Darryl Stinnette Sr. told the publication over the phone. “He brought joy around everywhere he went. This is affecting me pretty bad. Now we have to get him home. We have to bury him.”

He added: “He got interested in music at the age of 11. He did everything every little kid does. He played basketball and football and after that he decided to focus on music.”