After being released from prison just this August, it was reported Friday that Roc-A-Fella rapper Beanie Sigel had been shot in the torso. According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, the rapper is still in critical condition after going through surgery. He is said to be heavily sedated, and has not yet been able to speak with police.

Sigel was shot outside his home in Pleasantville, New Jersey after dropping his kids off at school, though his attorney says the rapper was not the intended target of the attack. The NJ residence was actually a halfway house that Sigel had been living in since his release. He was one day away from the expiration of his federal probation when he was shot. 

Police have already interviewed suspects in the case, but have yet to make an arrest.

We'll keep you updated on Beanie Sigel's condition.

[UPDATE: More Details On Shooting Surface]

We've received a few more details on the Beanie Sigel shooting that happened over the weekend. As reported above, it's been confirmed that Sigel was likely not the intended target, and it was more a case of the "wrong place at the wrong time." 

A police officer, Lt. Danny Adcock, told that "He may have become involved in something that was not necessarily his own doing. Just wrong place, wrong time, if you will."

This new report also reveals that Sigel wasn't at his own home in New Jersey, he was actually at the home of his brother-in-law, 22 year-old Umar Salahuddin, when he was shot. Sigel's brother-in-law has reportedly been uncooperative with the police investigation, although he was found at the scene with "scrapes and bruises to his face and arms." Lt. Adcock said, "Because of his lack of cooperation, we're not sure how he received those."

It appears as though the gunshots were fired while a fight broke out at a nearby property. Nonetheless there are no suspects yet, "We do have some leads we're following up on," Adcock said, "but cooperation from the family is minimal."

[via HHDX]