There aren't that many producers who are as accomplished as Rick Rubin. From the days of hanging out with the Beastie Boys in a college dorm room, he's gone on to produce records for everyone from Jay-Z to Slipknot. But it's Licensed To Ill that really started it all for him. The project was released nearly 35 years ago, though apparently, it's been nearly 20 since Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys have been together.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

On the latest episode of Broken Record, Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys sat down alongside Spike Jonze for an in-depth conversation surrounding the groundbreaking License To Ill. This marked the first time in roughly 20 years that Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz and Rubin had spoken, though it should be noted that it wasn't out of animosity, but just because they haven't. The episode includes a recounting of the making of Licensed To Ill, including the years inside of Rubin's college dorm. They also speak on some of their moments on the road together at the peak of Beastie Boys' fame. 

The group also recounted plenty of stories of their late group member, Adam Yauch, who passed away from cancer in 2012. For anyone interested in diving deep into the history of Beastie Boys, this is definitely a podcast you want to tune into. Check out the latest episode of Broken Record below.