A Belgian music festival recently flaunted an impressive lineup which featured some exciting acts to the world. Yet, unexpectedly, the festival was canceled the very same day it was scheduled to start. And with the disaster that occurred at the Fyre Festival, which was thoroughly detailed in a controversial Netflix documentary, people have begun to see similarities between the two. The VestiVille lineup included stars Migos, Cardi B, Future and ASAP Rocky and was scheduled to begin on Friday. However, when ASAP Rocky revealed on Twitter prior to the festival's unexpected cancelation that he would no longer be performing, suspicion arose. 

"I won't be performing today due to security and infrastructure concerns which relate to the production of the show," penned Rocky in a tweet. From there, multiple videos of attendees on festival grounds began to surface online and shortly afterwards, those in attendance were informed of the festival's cancellation. A series of tweets were shared from VestiVille's Twitter account and the Fyre Festival comparisons erupted. To make matters worse, Ja Rule, who was also tied to Fyre Festival, was set to perform at Vesti. Many have accused VestVille of fraud and the Brussels Times reports that the organizers have been charged with fraud after forging documents, laundering money and providing false invoices. Yikes! It appears we may have another Fyre Festival-like fiasco on our hands. And of course, social media took it as an opportunity to mock the whole thing.