Bella Thorne and Mod Sun dated for the better part of two years but it's all over now after some heated argument that broke the camel's back. The exes have made things public with a couple back and forth tweets, ending with Bella calling her ex a "pu**y."

Mod Sun, born Derek Smith, recently opened up to The Domenick Nati Show and while he didn't detail what exactly it was that caused the breakup, he insisted that it wasn't due to infidelity. 

"I broke up with her. I ended the relationship!" he said. "She's the one who took it straight to the internet and went 'We're done. We're done,' because she wanted to have her name, her little two cents on the 'we broke up.' That's some lame, lame shit to me anyway for her to go to the internet right away."

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Mod Sun further detailed how the incident for the break up had to do with something that happened to him. 

"I broke up with her on the fact that I'm not gonna tell you exactly why," he continued. "It was one thing that happened that to me [was] the undoable...I ended the relationship with her due to something that happened, a very, very public incident and that was it. And I honestly was hoping it would be a wake up call."