Belly has been in the game for a minute. Since the Much Music era, word to Canada. Yet his skillset has never been sharper; coming off last year's Mumble Rap, the Roc Nation slash XO rapper seems poised to continue where he left off. Now, with his upcoming project Midnight Zone coming soon, Belly hit up Billboard to chop it up about his upcoming single with The Weeknd, titled "What You Want." 

"It was the most fun I ever had shooting a video," says Belly. "Me and Abel always have amazing chemistry when we work, but this one takes the cake." He continues heaping praise on the notorious melancholic. "As the years go on and we become better friends and better artists and we’ve gotten to grow together," says Belly. "That’s what makes this and every future collaboration even more special."

Plenty have gone on record praising the Weeknd's songwriting prowess, and Belly has no problems raising the lil homie's confidence. ""I can speak for myself when I say watching him work is an inspiration. Even though he’s younger than me, I still learn from him because he’s wise beyond his years." Big praise coming from an OG like Belly, and luckily, we won't have to wait much longer to hear the fruits of their labor. The song is set to drop "this week," which generally means it can be expected at midnight.