In the late 80's, Jermone Jacobson came up with a master plan. Jacobson was the director of security at Simon Marketing, which was the company behind McDonald's Monopoly promotion. His job was simple, Jacobson was tasked with transporting the peel off tickets from their production site to packaging factories. He came up with a scheme to steal winning tickets while they were in transport, and started a criminal enterprise that sold winning tickets to the highest bidder. Jacobson and his team won almost every McDonald's Monopoly prize for twelve years before they were caught in 2001. 

According to Deadlineafter a monstrous bidding war, Fox won the rights to a film based on the McDonald's Monopoly scam. Ben Affleck is set to direct the film, while Matt Damon will star. Apparently, the film was the hottest thing in Hollywood, with several studios and producers fighting to get their hands on the move rights. Universal Studios for Kevin Hart, Warner Bros for John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, and Steve Carell, and Netflix alongside Robert Downey Jr and Todd Phillips were just a few of the big names caught in the bidding war for the film. The script will be written by Deadpool scribes Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese based on the article written by Jeff Maysh and published by Daily Beast