McScam, the Ben Affleck produced film starring Matt Damon about the real-life Mcdonald's Monopoly scammers is still a go. In a recent interview with Collider, Affleck confirmed that the project is still in the works. The movie has been in development since 2018. "We've gotten a new draft, that's really good," Affleck explained. "Hollywood's a weird place, because the person who was running the studio when they bought that script, just left that job. And the studio that was going to make it got bought by another studio." Affleck is referring to the Disney/Fox merger.

"So there's these moments where things sort themselves out, and you sort of see 'Is this still a priority, or are they really interested in different kinds of movies?' And I'm not sure whether or not, McScam, what kind of priority it is. We really like it. We're still developing the script," he continued. 

The original script was allegedly written by Deadpool scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese and was based on the Daily Beast report by Jeff Maysh following the FBI operation to uncover a conspiracy to defraud McDonald's. A group of criminals printed the McDonald's Monopoly game pieces and accumulated millions of dollars in prizes and money over several years until they were caught.