Every now and then, DJ Akademiks runs into some form of hate or controversy with an artist, as to be expected when his platform is dedicated to sharing stories about said artists. He's tussled online with artists in the past, and this week proves no different. In fact, the source of the ire comes from a familiar place.

Freddie Gibbs and Akademiks once again got into it yesterday, after the latter referred to the former as "irrelevant." The comments arose following Gibbs' own proclamation that Jeezy was "irrelevant." However once Gibbs' caught wind of Akademiks' comments, he came for him in a series of scathing tweets, among them: "Boy shut the f*ck up. U pay for sex," and, "My son’s room bigger than yo house b*tch stop it."

It turns out that as this beef was transpiring online, Ben Baller, the celebrity jeweler, was apparently watching it all with eagle eyes and providing commentary. "Freddie killin Akademiks," he started. However he soon realized his commentary was limited to twitter, writing: "This fat midget put my IG account on restricted so I can’t comment on his page lol. SMH"

He dropped off one more shot Ak's way, with a screenshot of Akademiks commenting on the breast size of an under-age Bhad Bhabie, writing, "This midget Akademiks wanna get racist with his posts? Bro. What’s this?"

His tweet, it seems, is in response to Akademiks' own words for Ben Baller. On Instagram, over top a screenshot of Ben Baller's tweet, he wrote, "I know this scammer ass jeweler don’t got mad opinions on me.. AINT u Asian who been scamming black dudes years ??? Let’s talk bout that ."

He continued from there, providing screenshots from messages with Ben Baller writing: "stop mentioning me cuz I dont mention u scamming g and capping."

Elsewhere, on his twitter, Akademiks purported that the entire jewelery game is a scam, including Ben. "The whole jewelry game is a scam. shame on any rapper on who buys jewelry from Ben baller. Nigga been scamming for years... preying on the rappers who from inner city who just got an advance check... he takes the whole thing.. and lies to them about gettin them the best quality," he says.

It appears like the back-and-forth has quieted down since then, but we'll keep you posted if more shots arise. You can check out their online back-and-forth below.