Ben Simmons is one of the best young players on the Philadelphia 76ers who are considered to be the best team in the Eastern Conference, especially if Kawhi Leonard ends up leaving the Toronto Raptors. Simmons is currently on his rookie contract and as the 76ers plan their future, it seems as though the franchise is hoping for him to be with them for a long time. According to a new report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, it has been revealed that the team has offered Simmons a 5-year $170 million extension.

Simmons and his agent Rich Paul are currently in talks with the 76ers so they can work out all of the specifics of the contract. They have until mid-October to get a deal done and then they would have to wait until next year's free agency. Despite this, it is believed that the two are committed to getting a deal done before the October deadline, which should be great news for all of the Sixers fans out there.

The big man has been praised for his skills out on the court although his shooting abilities are still suspect. Simmons has never made a three-point shot in his career which is one of the most ridiculous statistics you could imagine. Regardless, it's safe to say that the 76ers will be a powerhouse for years to come.