Ben Simmons is fed up with the internet''s jokes about his poor shooting record. After months of memes clowning the Philadelphia 76ers point guard for his disastrous basketball shooting ability, at the hands of fans and NBA personalities, a troll in Simmons' most recent Instagram post prompted the player to finally clap back with insults of his own. Suffice it to say, this jokester won't be returning to Simmons' comment section any time soon. 

"He really acting like he was about to shoot in that second pic," Instagram user @worldwidechad commented on Simmons' post yesterday in reference to a picture of the player posting up at the free throw line. The joke itself already seems played out, as the peak of its use came during the player's let-down performance in the 76'ers failed playoffs series against Atlanta.

Still, Simmons took the time to respond with an unbothered roast, commenting: "Ya lips look like ya got stung by a [bee] nutty professor a**," with the bee emoji. Fans spammed his replies with laughing emojis and declared defeat for the troll, as it seems the joke was a hit.

Simmons has been clowned not only by fans, but by NBA insiders. Stephen A. Smith and Shaquille O'Neal have both blasted the player as untalented, with Smith saying in June: "Not just that he missed shots, but he didn’t take them. Ben Simmons is literally scared to shoot the basketball," and Shaq offering "Get right!"

Simmons is expected to be released from the 76ers before the upcoming season, though it remains unclear where he'll end up.

Check out the post below and the back-and-forth comments below.


Screenshot via Instagram