As reported, the Philadelphia 76ers are fervently looking for ways to gain an edge on the competition, even at the cost of dealing away a 1st Round Pick for complimentary pieces. Markelle Fultz' trade stock is at an all-time low, so inevitably, the Sixers are quickly running out of options to right the ship in 2018-2019. Philly's current dilemma was never more evident than in yesterday's 123-121 loss at home to the Atlanta Hawks.

After the game, Jimmy Butler and Ben Simmons bickered in separate rendezvous with the press, without coming to blows, in a matter of speaking. Simmons' insistence was that he and his teammates lacked intensity and physically in their loss to the (13-29) Hawks. 

"I just don't think we're physical enough. I think defensively, we're not taking it personal enough when guys score on us. It should be a pride thing when somebody scores; you should be frustrated every time. ... I think we have to expect more from each other to get better and get to that next level. 'Cause I know once playoff time comes, it's another level," Simmons answered when asked to pick out his team's biggest flaw in the loss.

However, Jimmy Butler wholly objected to the assertions made by his 2nd-year teammate, in stating that he despised the word "soft." Butler's belief is that he and the 76ers simply lack the right persistence "start to finish." He put it in these exact terms.

"I don't like the word 'soft.' I just don't think that we did what we were supposed to do," Butler said in response. "I'm not gonna say that anybody's soft. I just think that we got beat in every aspect of the game. They came out from the jump and did what they wanted to do, and they did that for 48 straight minutes." 

The last of the post-game commentary was reserved for 76ers' coach Brett Brown. He simply wants his soldiers to put in a more committed effort on the defensive end of the floor. Ben Simmons will certainly walk away from this encounter, with a "triple-double" granting him immunity, and cause for a sideways expression.