Throughout the early stages of his career, Ben Simmons has been roasted for his lack of shooting ability. As a point guard, it is expected that you are able to make shots from all ranges. However, Simmons has broken that mold as he is a player who mostly gets his points in and around the paint. Whenever he attempts a three-point shot, it becomes a big event and whenever he makes one, well, you can just imagine what the fan reactions are.

On Saturday night, Simmons and the 76ers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in overtime, although during the extra frame, Simmons was able to knock back a lengthy three-point shot that immediately stopped the Cavs in their tracks. In fact, this was only the fourth made three-pointer of Simmons' career.

Over the last few years, Simmons has made a real effort to improve his deep-range shooting and get it to a point where he can confidently take these shots. Critics have noted that the Sixers would be real contenders if Simmons developed a jump shot, and little by little, it seems like he is doing just that.

You can check out what fans had to say about the shot, below.

Ben Simmons

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images