The Kardashian-Jenners usually like being the center of the world's attention as they seem to be a family that operates under the umbrella that there's no such thing as bad press. However, the famous family has taken major hits recently due to the accusations made by Kanye West. He's called Kris Jenner and his wife Kim Kardashian a bevy of names and even accused them of "White supremacy." The rapper further stated that he's been in the process of divorcing Kim for some time, and named Meek Mill as the main reason why things dissolved between himself and his wife. The sister of basketball player Ben Simmons, who has reportedly been dating Kendall Jenner, has stepped forward with a few accusations of her own, and she unleashed them all over on Twitter.

Kardashians, Jenners, Ben Simmons, Liv Simmons
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

"The Kartrashians don't care about the mental health of black men. Seen it with my own eyes and now you're all seeing it," Liv Simmons tweeted. "From Verbal Abuse to gaslighting you name it, these women don't help our men they completely hinder them. LET US PRAY FOR KANYE AT THIS POINT HE NEEDS US." She added, "IDC anymore. These women like their men black, successful and quiet!!! This man is a genius and it hurts to see him out here like this."

"We are talking about women who are so insecure they use men to feel worshipped. I promise these b*tches are WEIRD. As someone who feeds off energy I've never been sucked so dry from sitting in the room with one person. I can only imagine exchanging energy with someone like that." Live wasn't quite finished. "Sorry we are talking about a family who told the media a girl who got f*cked over BY them was a stalker. Like the sweetest my genuine woman on planet earth I've met to date! They tried to f*cking ruin her over some d*ck..... I mean where's my lie????"

Read through Liv Simmons's tweets below.