The Cincinnati Bengals faced off against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, and as expected, the match was a high scoring affair. Both Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan stacked up yards and completions, with their talented receiving corps benefiting from the offensive onslaught. The Bengals ended up winning the game 37-36, but they lost one of their star players in the process. 

Tight End Tyler Eifert caught a nice toss from Dalton in the third quarter before he was tackled by Falcons linebacker De'Vondre Campbell. Eifert's ankle got caught underneath the tackle, and it bent completely sideways as the pressure of the linebacker came down on it. Eifert immediately began writhing in pain, banging his head on the ground and yelling for assistance. Eifert's injury looked horrific, but hopefully, he'll be able to return this season. Judging by the video alone though, it doesn't seem like Eifert will be back anytime soon. 

Eifert has been plagued with injuries for years. He injured his elbow in 2014, forcing him to miss the entire season. Then, he hurt his ankle at the end of 2015. That injury lingered through the beginning of the following season. The next two seasons resulted in back surgeries for Eifert, and now this.