Despite his infamy, Tekashi 6ix9ine has reportedly been able to rake in millions since his release from prison. The antagonizing artist has capitalized off of creating controversies that are usually launched after he digs underneath someone's skin with insults and below-the-belt antics. Yet, it's been profitable as the public chases after every story, but when Benny The Butcher revealed in May 2020 that 6ix9ine reached out for a feature, Rap fans were surprised at the request.

Akademiks would later state that 6ix9ine never contacted Benny for a verse, and in a recent interview with Big Facts Podcast, the Buffalo, New York icon explained what happened. "Aight, boom. What's this n*gga name, man. I forget this n*gga name. I gave this n*gga my number but it was a joke. It was a prank," said Benny. "That wasn't [6ix9ine]. That sh*t all over the f*ckin' internet. But you know what, before I posted that and said anything about it, I sat on it for like, three days. I'm like, 'Did this n*gga really hit me?' I'm like, the audacity of these people. It wasn't that n*gga. It was this funny Instagram n*gga."

"But to be clear, I would have never done that sh*t for ten million dollars," the rapper continued. "Hell nah. I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't have been able to show my face. All I got is who I am. Imagine if I'da did that, took that money, and then came in here. How would you look at me?" The hosts argued that a $10 million feature may be worth thinking about. Still, Benny The Butcher wasn't moved.

"I can't be blatantly used," the rapper added. "I can't be blatantly used like, 'We bought this n*gga.' That what n*ggas would have said. N*ggas would have seen me on the song and said, 'They bought that n*gga.'" Benny reiterated that he couldn't show his face around his friends if he would choose the route to collaborate with 6ix9ine.

Watch his clip and listen to his Big Facts Pod episode in full below. Would you collaborate with a controversial artist like 6ix9ine for $10 milli?