Benny The Butcher has been praised for many qualities, both regarding his musical repertoire and his character. Having made no secret of his own history on the streets of Buffalo, it's evident that The Butcher values loyalty and adherence to a general moral code.

Benny The Butcher

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As such, he hasn't been averse to voicing his disdain for Tekashi 6ix9ine, the rainbow-haired rapper who drew the rap game's ire for snitching in a highly-publicized RICO case. Especially after 6ix9ine seemed to embrace the informant reputation, while at the same time behaving in exactly the same abrasive and confrontational manner. It's no wonder The Butcher had thoughts on 6ix9ine's recent run-in with Meek Mill, which found both rappers exchanging heated words and on Meek's end, loogies. 

Though some like Wack 100 have criticized Meek for allowing 6ix9ine to openly disrespect him without consequence, it's clear that Benny The Butcher interpreted the events differently. In fact, he suggested that Tekashi was living up to his reputation and actively attempting to tempt Meek Mill into breaking the law, a decision that could prove severe for the Roc Nation rapper. "The snitch rapper tryna get ni**as caught up and y’all think it’s cool," writes Benny, on his Twitter page. "I’d never trick myself out the streets to prove I’m gangster to the internet."

It's not the first time Benny The Butcher addressed 6ix9ine, having taken to Twitter to reveal that 6ix9ine's team had reached out for a collaboration; unsurprisingly, he declined. It should be noted that 6ix9ine's teamed denied the exchange ever happened. Either way, it's unlikely that The Butcher will ever hold Tekashi in high regard -- check out his take on the Meek Mill situation below.