Fresh off of the release of The Plugs I Met 2,Benny The Butcher isn't showing signs of slowing down. In the past year, he unveiled B$F's Gangsta Grillz mixtape, dropped his debut album, and it appears that a collaborative project with Freddie Gibbs could be coming soon. During a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, the Buffalo rapper revealed that he and Gibbs have discussed working on a project together in the past. 

"I feel like it's gon' happen," he said, confirming that the collaborative project has been brought up on several occasions in the past. He explained that it was the night of the Grammys where they dove deeper into the project. However, it seems that the liquor fueled Gibbs's passion to actually make this happen. That was the best talk right there. You seen the best one. That felt like it was 'bout to happen tomorrow," Benny explained. Bootleg Kev explained that Gibbs was so drunk throughout the evening that he was dancing to Nelly at one point. "I'm gonna go tap back in about that but we gon' see," Benny added.

Following the success of Alfredo, it seems that both Benny and Gibbs agreed that the project should be produced by The Alchemist in its entirety.

Benny later doubled down on the possibilities of a collaborative project during a recent interview with Desus & Mero. He revealed a few projects that he also has in the cut, including a potential project with Conway. "You might hear a me and Spesh project. You might hear a me and Gibbs project, me and Conway project. I'm staying in the studio and staying busy," he told Desus.

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