Some people just don't know how to communicate as adults, leaving some things to be discussed privately. When it comes to Benzino and Althea Heart, they've been airing out their drama via reality TV shows and social media for years. The two never seem to agree on things, often bringing their son Zino into the mess. Most families make an effort to coexist for major holidays. When it comes to Benzino and his baby mama, they're bringing their Christmas experience to court instead.

The industry executive shared a post on Instagram about spending Christmas with his son, calling out Althea in the process. He accused her of taking Zino away from him during the holidays and blocking him from his son's social media profile. Speaking on his son's mother, Benzino revealed, "She absolutely ruined my Christmas and I’m hurt beyond belief. Now I have to go spend money on a lawyer and fight for my child. She called me to come take a Xmas pic with zino and today she crops me out of pic." 

Althea has responded with her own dramatic post, which has since been deleted. She turns the tables on Benzino, saying that he was actually the one who took Zino from her when it was her time to take care of the child. She claims that he's only using his son to make money off their "Chef Zino" videos. Althea also says that Benzino is still bitter about losing The Source, bringing up his recent arrest and telling him to clean up his life. 

So much drama... Who do you believe?