If the DMs aren't sacred, what else does this doomed society have? Though that's probably a question for philosophers, Benzino likely found himself asking his wall that very same conundrum, following the very-public air out of his sincerest efforts to woo one Karlie Redd. Or at least, such is the narrative Redd would have us believe, having taken to Instagram to expose Benzino's attempts at rekindling a once lively connection.

Benzino Karlie Redd

Jesse Grant/Getty Images 

Now, far be it for an outsider to cast one cent, let alone two, into the squabbles of former flames. But such is the way the cards have fallen, so here we sit, trying to make sense of what ultimately equates to a digital case of "he-said-she-said." Seeing as Redd struck first blood, the time has come for Benzino to retaliate in kind.

Taking to his own page, Benzino looked to the ever-reliable scribes of Urban Dictionary for guidance, labeling Redd a "Clout Chaser" for her troubles. Not only that, but he also came to a deduction of sorts, reasoning that Redd's sudden invocation of his good name aligns -- rather coincidently, he notes -- with his ongoing resurgence on television. Though he swiftly moved to delete his call-out shortly after posting it, Zino's clap-back was captured by the watchful eyes over at The Shade Room, embedded below for your own viewing pleasure.