Coi Leray took shots at her father in her latest single "No More Parties" where she claimed in the lyrics that her father, The Source co-founder Benzino, had not been there for her. The television personality has denied the allegations from Leray, reasoning that "Coi was raised in a mansion and had everything she ever asked for. My other two sons are grown and would never say these things." She once again addressed him throughout the day on Monday (March 1) when the two engaged in a back-and-forth on Instagram. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Universal Music Group

Leray ranted in a video yesterday where her frustrations with her father were very evident. "It's crazy 'cause we was just on the phone crying yesterday, sharing this moment. Like, really sharin' the moment," she said. "For this man to come on here and do this is so lame and this is the reason he burned all his bridges today."

She added in another portion, "I'm on Rolling Stone breaking all types of records and this b*tch ass n*gga Benzino wants to f*cking come online and start f*cking with me instead of being a father and just supporting me."  

Benzino did not take these words from Leray too lightly. "Now I'm bro, n*gga and a b*tch ass n*gga. Really? Really? Me?" he wrote in disbelief. "This is the most disrespectful sh*t I've ever experienced. The names she just called [me] can never be forgiven or forgotten," he declared. 

"This not real. This is evil. I guess she had to play up to her fans and Executive's. Nah this ain't cool. But ok. I get it. This is the tough cool girl image. Ok," he finished. 

He followed up with a separate post on his Instagram page where he further expressed his dissatisfaction with the way Leray was addressing him. "The mindset of these kids are unbelievable. We are [in] deep trouble as a culture. They are so lost, disrespectful, out of touch with reality that it's a damn shame," he penned.