For the last two elections, Bernie Sanders has been hopeful that the American public relates to his campaign but, both times, he came up just short.

It is being reported that Bernie Sanders, one of the sole remaining Democratic candidates running against Joe Biden, has dropped out of the race to become President of the United States. 

As reported by CNN, Bernie Sanders announced to his team that he would be dropping out of the race this morning, leaving room for Joe Biden and Donald Trump to face off later this year. 

Bernie Sanders
Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

This announcement comes after a stunning turn for Sanders. After seeing tremendous support from the first three primaries in late February, that was reversed and Joe Biden became the clear favorite for the Democrats. 

It will be interesting to note whether Sanders ends up endorsing Joe Biden as his choice for the next President. The two men did not agree on many important topics. Sanders was viewed as the "progressive" candidate of the bunch, and his supporters have lived with a "Bernie or Bust" mentality for eight years.

Do you think Joe Biden has a shot at defeating Donald Trump come election time or does Trump have this in the bag?