Bernie Sanders is hip-hop's most popular Democratic nominee at this point. It shouldn't be that surprising, he received major support in 2016 from the culture when he went against Hillary Clinton. In fact, there's a ton of people who would rather see Bernie Sanders as president instead of Trump and Hillary Clinton. He's taking another shot at being elected in the 2020 elections but first, he has to get nominated as the Democratic candidate for the presidential run.

A major issue that Bernie Sanders has a firm stance on is health care. Much like what Canada offers, Bernie Sanders wants a Medicare-For-All program that would eliminate private insurance companies. Bernie recently sat down with Killer Mike for a candid conversation about his stance on several topics including healthcare in America and education. On the topic of health care, Killer Mike was taken aback by some of the comparisons Bernie Sanders made between Canada vs. America's health care system.

"If you have a major, say, heart transplant in Canada, really difficult, expensive procedure. Do you know what kind of bill you leave the hospital with?" Sanders asked Mike. "Zero."

"Nah, I thought a little something in Canada. Zero?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I guess they have a parking lot out there which they charge you far," he said. "That's the major fee is what you have to pay to park your car."

Peep the full conversation below.