In many ways, it's surprising that we're still doing a list like this in 2014, as we've reached a point where music has, almost, gone entirely digital. No one's actually buying physical albums, but we still see album artwork with each release, and we certainly had some compelling examples in 2014. Artists and labels continue to invest a lot of effort, and money, into the artwork they adjoin their releases with. As we mostly hear our favorite music through computers or various handheld devices, it's nice to have something that gives a visual aesthetic-- something a bit more tangible, to go along with what we're hearing. And if you've got the time and money to go out and purchase albums in their various physical formats, you can really appreciate the music as a product and a more fully formed artistic statement. The best album covers we saw this year were fascinating pieces of art in themselves, but they also perfectly matched the tone and message of the music they accompanied. So, here, in no particular order, are our favorites of the year.