Valentine's Day weekend is underway, and as such, romance and lust alike are permeating in the air -- that and a wafting bitterness best ignored. And while plenty of activities are expected, be it candlelit dinners at home or something a little more adventurous, BET has stepped up to provide a nostalgia-sparking option best suited for the nighttime hours. 

The network recently revealed that they would be bringing back the beloved BET UNCUT for the entire week leading up to Valentine's Day on Sunday. "We are bringing #BETUncut back temporarily all week long for Valentines Day weekend," writes BET on Twitter. "Completely uncensored conversations about any and anything you want!" Naturally, the announcement kicked off a flood of pure, unapologetic antics, with many thanking their lucky stars that nudity (or at the very least, conversations about nudity) would be on the horizon. 

For those old enough to remember back when the music video of a new single was basically essential viewing, BET Uncut was there to spotlight some of the more sexually explicit and downright raunchy clips. Though many viewers these days have grown desensitized to such content, at the time the more risque videos were reserved for BET Uncut's 3 AM timeslot, where NSFW content could be perused to the heart's content. Unfortunately, the network was forced to pull the plug following the release of Nelly's infamous "Tip Drill" video, and like that, BET Uncut was no more. That is, until now -- albeit for a limited time only. 

Naturally, many fans who came up catching BET's legendary segment were quick to share their own celebratory, and amusingly juvenile reactions.