Beyoncé may not be the most active person on social media but as her tour dates get slimmer and slimmer, she's been posting more often. Her lengthy tour with Jay-Z appears to have not taken much out of her as she wishes it could go on forever. Having millions of fans scream your name has to be pretty refreshing to hear after all. As one of the most successful artists of all time (of all time!) Bey has been looking back on her recent tour stops to reflect with her supporters. The Lemonade singer was excited to revisit her hometown and they appear to have lived up to the hype, ranking at the top of Yoncé's best crowd list.

As she continues counting down her shows on Instagram, the star touched on her experience in Houston, noting that they had the loudest crowd on the entire tour so far. While we're sure some other cities absolutely showed out, it shouldn't exactly come as a massive surprise that Bey was well received in her hometown. She's been shouting out H-Town for years and they're bound to always return the love. With seven more concerts left on deck, there is a chance that an audience will dethrone Houston but we doubt she would admit it if it actually happened.

Check out some shots from the show below.